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50%/100% OMG DEAD BODIES???!!!
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

17 | Asexual Demiromantic | Prolly Forever Single Pringle

It's a pleasure to meet you o 7 o/ *throws confetti*

I mainly draw anime and chibis, but there are times that I will draw anthros and sonic ocs

If you feel uncomfortable with blood and gore, please don't watch me u v u"
I don't want to hear complaints. I have warned you.

Thanky you~ u v u
My better, cuter 2nd account::icondropdeadbunbun:

Cool Dorks

Ramen Love Stamp by Kezzi-RoseMinecraft Stamp by YmeisnotI Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDaltonAlice-Stamp by MelissaDaltonStripy Socks Stamp by Kezzi-Rose..Real Paper Stamp.. by Rabid-WeaselsCritiques wanted by prosaixRequests stamp by MeganTheRabbitForeign Music by genkistampsRandom Laugh by DuskChantMusic is my lifeline by pjukSTAMP-mechanical pencils by Sister-of-CharityLife Without Friends Stamp by ladieofficalStamp: Butterfly! by TheSaltyMonsterWhy? stamp by aftersunsetsRomantic Stuff by MaruLovesStampsI love Sweaters by Marly-EryCan't Sleep Stamp by In-The-Machineteddy stamp by findyQShy Watcher by MistrallaSo used to by Washu-M.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotI Heart Music Stamp 2 by StampMakerLKJNo Requests Stamp by StampMakerLKJTim Burton Stamp by StampMakerLKJSketch Artist Stamp by Paprika-StudiosGoogle Chrome User by Nironan12I HRT to Play Games! by Drache-LehreI HRT to Get Points! by Drache-LehreI Love Animation by fear-the-brillianceTrue Friends Stab Front by mirz333I listen to music while i draw by TontoraWHAT DO YOU FEEL | STAMP by 0378470Paranoia Stamp by CRIMlNALSforest aes stamp by amekinI wear converse! stamp by iFreak0utAsexual stamp by nintendoqsDemiromantic stamp by nintendoqsI love TEA stamp by RRRAIi collect PLUSHIES! stamp by RRRAIDaydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJI love Black and White by AlbinoSeaTurtleOCs Stamp by himawari-tanAlways tired... by prosaixWinter Stamp by Werxzyrose stamp by prince-deerFeelings Suck Stamp by CRIMlNALSim sorry stamp by arinwinsSO HUG ME! by JustYoungHeroesme (Stamp) by ghoulpngLike, seriously. by sunbirdsUGH (Stamp) by ghoulpngHe They She by Tiny-Forest-PrinceNot Feeling Up To It [Stamp] by Tiny-Forest-PrinceIs this okay? (Stamp) by ghoulpngPyjama Days Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Yanked this from someone (as usual //laughs)

How many OCs do you have?
//nervously laughs// 265 (with 8 9 (I literally just created a new one just now) more coming along the way because my brain will not stOP )

Gender and Love
You have an OC that is...
(X) Male (//stares at my field of men// ah yes)
(X) Female
(X) Intersex
(X) Non-binary or genderqueer
(X) Genderfluid
( ) Transgender
(X) Heterosexual (//laughs// There's so many)
(X) Bisexual
(X) Homosexual (Such a tiny pack of gays haha)
( ) Polysexual
(X) Pansexual
(X) Demisexual
(X) Aromantic
( ) Polyamorous
(X) Single (There's like a butt load of single pringles like me)
(X) Dating
(X) Engaged
(X) Married (I literally have like one married couple I kid you not)
( ) Divorced
(X) Widowed (I was gonna say no till I realized I literally slaughtered the heck out of one of my oc's fiance a mONTH BEFORE THEIR WEDDING)
(X) In a civil partnership
( ) In an open relationship
( ) In a poly relationship

18 of 24

Race and ethnicity
You have an OC who is...
(x) Black
(x) Caucasian
(x) Hispanic
( ) Indian
(x) Asian
( ) Middle Eastern
( ) Native American
( ) Pacific Islander
(X) Another race or ethnicity (German, Russian, Italian, Finnish, French //laughs// I'm sure there's more but this is literally all I can think right now)
(x) A race or ethnicity or your own creation (I got like 3 or 4 different races going on)
(x) Multiracial

7 of 11

You have an OC that is...
( ) Christian
( ) Jewish
( ) Hindu
( ) Buddhist
( ) Islamic
( ) Pagan or Wiccan
( ) Satanist
(X) Another religion (Catholic)
( ) A religion of your own creation
( ) Agnostic
(X) Atheist  (I may as well place most of my OCs here //sweats// I try to avoid messing with religion in general)
( ) Anti-LGBTQA+
( ) Pro-choice
( ) Pro-life

3 of 15

Illnesses and disabilities
You have an OC with...
( ) Cancer (or has had cancer)
( ) Lupus
( ) Diabetes
( ) Crohn's
(x) Depression
(x) Anxiety  
(x) Bi-polar disorder or bi-polar depression
(x) Schizophrenia
(x) PTSD
( ) Self-harming habits or tendencies (or is a recovered self-harmer)
( ) Alcoholism (or is a recovered alcoholic)
( ) Drug addiction (or is a recovered addict)
( ) Asperger's, Autism, or another form of ASD
( ) Down's Syndrome
( ) Infertility issues
(X) Allergies
(X) Insomnia (I got like two... maybe four???)
(X) A missing limb, multiple missing limbs, or prosthetics (One. She's terribly new and I love her)
(X) Blindness or a missing eye
( ) Deafness
(X) The inability to speak
(X) Confinement to a wheelchair (One precious child //pats child)
( ) Paralysis
(X) Another illness or disability
(X) An illness or disability of your own creation

13 of 26

You have an OC from...
(X) North America
( ) Central America
(X) South America
( ) The Caribbean Islands
(X) Europe
(X) The United Kingdom
( ) The Middle East
(X) Africa
(X) Asia
(X) Russia
( ) India
( ) Australia
( ) New Zealand
(X) Antarctica (another recently new babe haha)
(X) Another dimension, realm, planet, or place of your own creation. (Hundreds of them //snickers )

9 of 15

Appearance and abilities
You have an OC with...
(X) Glasses (IF YOU DON'T HAVE GLASSES, that's completely fine. I still love my OCs regardless)
(X) Freckles or visible birthmarks
( ) Acne
(X) Scars or burns
(X) Missing or crooked teeth or a gap
(X) Fangs
(X) Wings and/or horns
(X) A tail or tails
(X) Fins or gills (Fins. Fins everywhere)

9 of 10

Add up your total and that is your % out of 100

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Thanks for the watch!!
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thank you so much for the watch!! I hope I don't disappoint you too much ;n; 
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atyourdreams Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016

Hey hello!

You might have noticed that the RP group: I don't want this kind of hero, had been shut down about a week ago. I communicated with the previous founder and I decided to make a new RP group dedicated to the webtoon! We kept the application form the same so this would not be a bother to those who already made an app.

We are currently under construction and planning the group since we had to start from scratch. Feel free to watch for any updates!

Please stop by if you like c: :iconidwtkoh: !!
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